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Getting involved

You can access the Bubblepedia either by the year or by looking in the category.  We are slowly adding to the resource, scanning in cast lists, pictures, reviews and correspondence. Anything you can add will help us tell the story – theatre isn’t theatre without an audience. So when you find what you’re looking for please leave a comment, or tell us about your experience of the show or project. It could be the night you saw your first show or the project that got you into theatre. Positive or negative let us know how you saw it. 

Add content
To projects already listed on Bubblepedia
Find the project through the Dates or Categories on the left column, and the option to Contribute your Content will allow you to add text, images, video or any other downloadable content.  

To a project currently unlisted
Submit the information on this form here, clearly stating the year of the project and once the Administrator has approved the content it will be uploaded.