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Two Lads from London

A musical based on the play 'The Beaus' Stratagem' written in 1707 by George Farquhar.
Two lads arrive in Litchfield on the London coach and meet two ladies - an unhappily married woman and her young romantic sister-in-law.
Many hilarious attempts at secret courtships ensue, hindered by a drunken landlord, a demented servant, three blundering high-waymen, a romantic French Count, A Dutch priest (who is really Irish) and a dragon of a Mother-in-law.

Cast List:
Lewis Cohen,
Sue Shattock,
Barbara Tharn,
Keith Woodhams.

Adapted by Kevin Robinson for Bubble's 1979 summer tour of parks and green spaces across London.


Two Lads from London
  • Two Lads from London 1
  • Two Lads from London 2
  • Two Lads from London 3
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