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Hopelessly De-Voted

Hopelessly De-Voted was Bubble's intergenerational community project for 2014-2015 delving into our love- hate relationship with the political system. Between August 2014 - March 2015 we been turning research and opinions into a theatrical snapshot to be performed by an intergenerational company.

The 2015 election tested the breadth and depth of our engagement with the nation's politics.

Hopelessly De-Voted delves into our love/hate relationship with the political system and turns the words of voters, politicians, cynics and sceptics into a theatrical snapshot.

Performed by an intergenerational company, Hopelessly De-Voted sees London Bubble apply its vernacular style of theatre-making to an important contemporary subject.

Find out more about the 'foraging' stage (the process of gathering material through interviews, research and workshops) HERE

Performances took place;
at Bubble HQ on Fri 27th & Sat 28th March 2015.
as part of the Changing Britain festival at the Southbank Centre on Sat 2nd May

and again at Bubble HQ on Sunday 7th June

More details available HERE

Performance photos (taken by Jonathan Vine)
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Images from Endre
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